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Muhammed Cartoons

The Jyllands-Posten Muhammed Cartoons

Kofi Annan exclusive interview about the Muhammed Cartoons

In an exclusive solo interview with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation UN secretary Kofi Annan speaks to Danish reporter Mette Vibe Utzon about the Muhammed Cartoons. Kofi Annan rarely gives solo interviews, so this is an extraordinary situation.

Kofi Annan advocates to de-escalate the whole situation.

View it in Windows Media Player format (the interview starts 30 seconds into the clip af some danish intro speak) Læs mere >>

Stop the escalating conflict! 27676 signed petition in 4 days

We, the undersigned, are Danish residents or Danish citizens.

The publication of a number of satirical cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad showed a serious lack of tact and sensitivity in a Denmark, where prejudice is beginning to dominate the public debate. At the same time reactions abroad have shown that many have not understood that it is important to make a distinction between opinions expressed by a Danish newspaper and the opinions of the Danish people as a whole.

We strongly condemn all threats and acts of violence and urge all those, who see themselves as involved in the current conflict, to de-escalate this tense situation and take decisive steps towards reconciliation. Everyone, in Denmark and elsewhere, must recognize that the meeting of cultures requires mutual respect. We therefore urge everyone to show the respect necessary.

The Danish government and the governments in other affected countries have a special responsibility towards reconciliation. We therefore appeal to the Danish government and the governments in all affected countries to work together to solve the conflict. Læs mere >>

Muhammed cartoons published october 2005 in Egypt !

So it seems that the hypocrisy exists on both sides of the agenda.

The cartoons were published in an Egyptian newpaper October 17th, 2005 !

The current Muhammed crises started 14 days ago. So just why did the publishing of the cartoons on october 17th in Egypt not cause any concern to Muslims ?

See this post with the pictures:
Egyptian Newspaper Pictures that Published Cartoons 5 months ago

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Dear Muslim citizens in Denmark and the World

I wish to state the existence of another Denmark:

A Denmark that wants to live in peace with the Muslim world. There is another Denmark, which hopes for and believes in respect and tolerance between religions and different groups of people.

As a Dane I have no responsibility for what a single and privately owned Danish newspaper chooses to publish. Even so, I strongly condemn the actions of Jyllands-Posten that have offended muslims around the world, and I understand the need for an apology from the newspaper.

Read the whole letter in english and arabic here 

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