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Kofi Annan exclusive interview about the Muhammed Cartoons

In an exclusive solo interview with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation UN secretary Kofi Annan speaks to Danish reporter Mette Vibe Utzon about the Muhammed Cartoons. Kofi Annan rarely gives solo interviews, so this is an extraordinary situation.

Kofi Annan advocates to de-escalate the whole situation.

View it in Windows Media Player format (the interview starts 30 seconds into the clip af some danish intro speak)

Kofi Annan said this february 9th 2006 

Annan Urges Responsibility Over Caricatures
9 February -- At a press encounter this morning, the Secretary-General was asked about the recent publication of caricatures of the prophet Muhammad, and, while he underlined his support for freedom of speech, he also pointed to the need to exercise responsibility and judgment. "Quite honestly," he said, "I cannot understand why any editor will publish cartoons at this time which inflames and pours oil on the fire." At the same time, he reiterated that innocent civilians should not be attacked.
Found here: The UN secretary general homepage 

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