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Der er åbenbart ikke grænser for EUs detailregulering. Det næste bliver vel censur...

Stop the escalating conflict! 27676 signed petition in 4 days

We, the undersigned, are Danish residents or Danish citizens.

The publication of a number of satirical cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad showed a serious lack of tact and sensitivity in a Denmark, where prejudice is beginning to dominate the public debate. At the same time reactions abroad have shown that many have not understood that it is important to make a distinction between opinions expressed by a Danish newspaper and the opinions of the Danish people as a whole.

We strongly condemn all threats and acts of violence and urge all those, who see themselves as involved in the current conflict, to de-escalate this tense situation and take decisive steps towards reconciliation. Everyone, in Denmark and elsewhere, must recognize that the meeting of cultures requires mutual respect. We therefore urge everyone to show the respect necessary.

The Danish government and the governments in other affected countries have a special responsibility towards reconciliation. We therefore appeal to the Danish government and the governments in all affected countries to work together to solve the conflict.

Via forsoning means reconciliation in English

Always question the media... :/

Just because it is on TV or in the newspaper, it is necessarily not always true. Think. Do not let others do it for you. It is not that difficult. Cogito ergo sum.