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How do you know it´s Muhammed ?

I just wondered. Since muslims deem pictures of Muhammed to be haram or unlawful. How do they know it´s Muhammed depicted ?

Sure, Jyllands-Posten claim they are caricatures of Muhammed.

But since - to my knowledge - no drawn pictures exists of Muhammed from when he was alive. Then just how do people know that the pictures Jyllands-Posten posted are Muhammed ?

Basicly what people are objecting against is a fictitious statement made by a newspaper constructed to provocate muslims in Denmark and recently around the world.

Unfortunately people seem to pick up that notion and during the last couple of days at least 6 people have lost their lives. (according danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende).

Senseless loss of innocent life is always tragic. I find it even more tragic in the wake of the Muhammed cartoons debacle.

It´s so sad. But I hope that the current events eventually stops.

And that people halts to think carefully about the current events and least of all not forget that we are all neighbours. Either next-door neighbours or here on the internet :)

Scatter Joy... :/

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