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Privacy concerns about Project Natal

Initially after I saw the first video about Project Natal I was flabbergasted and speechless. I had to see the movie a couple of times.

Watch the intro here:

But then I was hit by privacy concerns about Project Natal.

Project Natal operates as a hands free controller where the gamer on Xbox 360 doesn't need to use the fingers to control the game. The whole body is the controller. It also incorperates speech recognition.

But what happens to the collected biometric and speech data ?

Where is it stored ?

Is it automatically shared with Microsoft ?

Can the data be sold to other game producers or even to non-gaming industries like surveillance companies ?

What happens if a gameproducer goes broke ?

Can the biometric and speech recognition data be transfered to other businesses in case of bankruptcy ?

Do the users of Project Natal give up their copyright on their speech and biometric data upon sign up for games using the system ?

All of these questions remain and I will not use Project Natal at all.

My privacy is key.

Is yours ?